Second release of BauWeiser online

7. Jun 2021

With the new release, BauWeiser digitally provides users with three specialist processes. The construction site profiles and roads have already been integrated since the first release. The construction site profiles inform the public about important construction measures in Hamburg. These can be registered and administered through BauWeiser. Using roads makes it possible to coordinate construction measures. It delivers a georeferenced overview of planned construction measures with a long planning horizon. roads indicates spatial-chronological conflict situations and enables the development of solutions on the basis of plan games and what if scenarios.

Newly integrated is the specialised process ELBE+, which enables the creation, sending and tracing of line enquiries. Map-based line enquiries can be generated with the software. By way of automatically carried out responsibility analyses, these are assigned and forwarded to the relevant line operator. While the construction site profiles primarily serve the purpose of communication, the linking of roads and ELBE+ for the first time represents a functional component of the entire planning and execution process. ELBE+ can still be used as a standalone service, but the seamless interplay with other specialised processes is only possible in BauWeiser. The second release also enables various simplifications like a consistent search function and the inclusion of data from other specialised processes. Another specialised process will then be integrated with the third release of BauWeiser with the excavation certificate.