Projects, Products und Services of the DigiLab: Further tasks

In order to accompany business and administration as service providers in the context of digitalisation, DigiLab processes a wealth of different individual projects. The tasks of DigiLab can be categorised into three segments, in which the department works respectively with other methods and other partners.

Georeferenced projects are developed with partners from business and science. Products originating from these projects are created and further developed in the Operational Data Control Center (ODCC). In the LSBG Support/Services section, interdisciplinary teams develop digital ideas, as well as new methods of work and modes of thought.

Georeferenced projects / engineering workplace 2030


The goal of the project is to establish a digital end-to-end process for the processing of all relevant activities in the context of civil engineering measures.


The recording and representation of georeferenced live information from construction sites with the help of sensor-supported construction site beacons.


AI-based traffic jam forecasting taking the distribution of the transport occurrence to various means of transport (modal split) into account.


Automated data collection from delivery traffic with portable IoT devices, with which delivery vehicles can be equipped.

Object-oriented Data

The preparatory measures for the strategic positioning of LSBG in the “digital twin“ segment were formulated with the strategy project “Object-oriented Data“. The relevant data, structures, processes and needs in the LSBG required for the creation of a digital twin were identified in the framework of the project.

Operational Data Control Center (ODCC)



Coordination tool for construction measures that provides a georeferenced overview of planned measures with a long planning horizon.


Traffic jam forecast on the basis of a microscopic traffic model, from spatial structure data and data on current and planned construction measures.


Tool for optimising and controlling traffic lights.


The online service enables a completely digital process for the application, evaluation and approval of civil engineering measures.


Specialised procedure for the preparation of construction site data and provision via the Urban Data Platform Hamburg.

LSBG support/services



Developed as an advanced innovation for the engineering workplace 2030, the cave is a space in which content can be projected onto walls and floors and in which viewers can immerse themselves into a virtual reality with the help of a head tracking system. The goal is intuitive, collaborative work with 3D models and 360-degree recordings.

AI development

The DigiLab occupies itself intensively with the automation of intelligent behaviour and machine learning and implements this in the context of its projects.

Drone control centre

Central control centre for drones: mission planning, mission control and mission finish.