Cooperating without obstacles: Premiumzugang (Premium Access)

An interface networks the contractual partners directly with BauWeiser

The companies Gasnetz Hamburg, Hamburg Wasser, Stromnetz Hamburg, Wärme Hamburg, Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), as well as the Agency of Roads, Bridges and Waters (LSBG) are linked directly with BauWeiser as contractual partners of the DigITAll project. An automated data interface networks the IT systems of the partners with the online service. “In order for this to happen, the contractual partners must completely digitalise their own processes”, Sebastian Kulcke, who is responsible for Premiumzugang as sub-project manager and a product owner.

The contractual partners then only maintain the data in their own IT system, which communicates with BauWeiser automatically. The contractual partners can then use this to process any civil engineering measures and communicate with the responsible approval authorities. This means, for example, that a contractual partner can submit a line enquiry in its system directly.


BauWeiser provides all necessary information, which users can access via Premiumzugang according to the pull principle. In interaction with BauWeiser, the contractual partners can thus also share the information on a concrete measure from their systems with their contractors, for example, planning agencies or construction companies.

“Our contractual partners have a fantastic feature at their disposal with Premiumzugang. They only need to maintain their own system, and this interacts automatically with BauWeiser and, through it, with the respective approval authorities.”

Sebastian Kulcke, sub-project manager and product owner of Premiumzugang



• No doubled maintaining of data

• Real time connection

• Compartmentalised approval processes are integrated into one process

• Project status can be called up at any time

• Intelligent system reports from BauWeiser when information is missing

• Data security

• Full data control for the contractual partners