Team DigITAll: “We are already on our way“


DigITAll is a comprehensive project conceived of for a period extending until the end of 2023. Several specialist processes and numerous participants from business and government are thus networked. A big project group is behind DigITAll. It is advanced by a core team of employees of the Agency of Roads, Bridges and Waters (LSBG) and of project partners.

The responsibility for DigITAll lies with this management team:

“Hamburg is comparatively far along in digitalisation. We are in contact with many other cities. All still have a long way to go. But: We are already on our way.“

René Binnewerg, project manager at DigITAll

“By linking so many systems and specialist processes with DigiTAll, we generate a large quantity of data, which is centrally available. This data in turn makes it easier to reach decisions – for example, where one may build without major risks of traffic jam occurrence. Traffic jam avoidance is also one of the goals of DigITAll.“

Nikolai Merkel, product owner of BauWeiser and sub-project manager Connection of Approval Processes

“It is not enough to say that BauWeiser is a platform. What was to date conducted separately in process steps in various tools is consolidated with BauWeiser in one software. For the line companies or the corresponding engineers, the really big advantage lies in the central and digitalised process according to the motto: “Everything in one place.” Thus, the manageability and the overview one acquires as a result.”

Dr. Boyke Rochau, Technical Control Centre BauWeiser

“The Prozesshaus is a complete framework of processes. These make it possible to layer civil engineering measures of various project bearers in one segment and consolidate them into one large construction site. We then speak of coordination. Or one decides to build together in the framework of a cooperation and tenders the performances jointly.”

Doreen Schillbach, sub-project manager Prozesshaus

“Our contractual partners will have a fantastic feature at their disposal with Premiumzugang. Put more simply, you only need to maintain your own system – which you have to do anyway. This interacts automatically with BauWeiser and then also with the respective approval authorities.“

Sebastian Kulcke, sub-project manager and product owner of Premiumzugang

Team DigITAll

LSBG management team | René Binnewerg, Doreen Schillbach, Nikolai Merkel, Sebastian Kulcke,
Dr. Boyke Rochau
LSBG team | Jürgen Bothe, Melek Kara

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